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A brief introduction (pending more time to write something thorough)...

I'm a musician, and a fairly prolific one and, like many of my kind, I have piles of scrap paper covered in chord sequences. I take these things to gigs and fumble through them to find where each song is, and then I screw them all back up into a bag at the end of the night.

For some gigs, if I'm organised enough, I'll create something in Excel that lists all the chords for all of the songs in the gig on just one or two pages, and I'll take that. But it's a pain to create.

So, the aim of this project is to create a repository for chord charts. To allow them to be written using the structure and shorthand that I use when I scribble them down - "this section x3" or "Ch x2". To then be able to create a gig-sheet that has a dozen songs, in whatever key you need, on as little paper as possible. And also, eventually, to print out a full book of chords for everything.

Other features are planned; these will be announced as time and progress allows!

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